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Poker Quest is a challenging fantasy roguelike where you make use of a standard deck of playing cards - Ace, King, Queen, and so on. You use the cards to empower your items in combat. Better hands often trigger stronger abilities on your items.

Discover hundreds of different items and monsters and experience all kinds of encounters with the inhabitants of a high-fantasy landscape.

Play one of many heroes. Each hero comes with a unique set of equipment and abilities, to encourage many different play styles.


  • Castles. Knights. Wizards. Dragons. Jokers...
  • More than 10 unique heroes, and many more to come.
  • Daily Runs with public stats and other interesting details.
  • Challenge Runs with difficult modifiers.
  • Mini-games. Casinos!

Poker Quest feels a lot like a deck-builder, but is fundamentally very different. The world map takes inspiration from Slay the Spire, with the intent of providing a much greater variety of events. The combat is inspired by Dicey Dungeons, but instead of dice, we use playing cards. That is where the similarities to other games end. Poker Quest contains a vast, novel set of game mechanics that focus on the properties of the playing cards.

Some of the knowledge that you may have gained from other card games will naturally carry over to Poker Quest. Additionally, Poker Quest is a game that you can play to hone your skills at determining card probabilities, but while playing a fantasy RPG. With enough practice on the hardest difficulties, the answers to questions like "What are the chances they have a Spade in those two cards?" can become second nature to you. Or you can play on Easy difficulty and not worry too much about these things.

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